Amazing art classes at the studio!

From painting, printing, drawing to sculpture, graffiti, illustration – your child will have the opportunity to really create like an artist!

Lindfield Art Studio provides an after school club with a creative environment that encourages each student to think “outside of the box.” They will have the chance to use a variety of art materials while learning about famous artists, different art styles and really growing into their own style of art.

The Studio is a real working art space that allows children to feel grown up in the ideas, imagination and confidence to create. Children from different schools come together to meet new friends and share their ideas. Each session is 1.5 hours £14 per class and a 10 week term.

Term time art classes

Mon        4 – 5.30pm         ages 5 – 9       

(Reception to year 4)


Tues        4 – 5.30pm         ages 9 – 11     

(years 5 & 6)


Weds       4 – 5.30pm         ages 12 – 16   

(years 7 to 11)


Thurs      4 – 5.30pm         ages 5 – 9     

(Reception to year 4)


Fri            4.45 – 6.15pm    ages 9 – 11     

(years 5 & 6)


Sat           9.30 – 11am    ages 12 – 16       

(years 7 to 11)


Email us for more information

[email protected]

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Isabella absolutely loved the art class and thought the group were really lovely – she was grinning from ear to ear when I picked her up!- Alison
Lindfield Art Studio