Apr 14


Brett Hudson is a Lindfield artist who has been working as a children’s illustrator for over twenty five years. He has many different styles of painting including, pen & ink with watercolour, acrylics on canvas of landscapes and animals, sold in local pubs. The Witch and The Stand Up. His Lindfield Life series is a collection of humorous paintings which feature scenes of the village and people who live there. Recently Brett has won a prestigious art award in London for The Royal Society of British Artists exhibition with his realistic watercolour of London. Brett is on Facebook and Instagram @bretthudson and @bretthudsonart

I’m Tom and for the last year I’ve been writing and illustrating kids books. I’ve always loved doodling and telling stories and when I won the Lindfield Arts Festival bursary in 2018 it really spurred me on to start doing it properly. So I quit my job, begged my wife to keep paying the mortgage and now her and the kids have to put up with me being at home all the time, trying to do just that.

My first book Dermot The Amazing Scuba Diving Banana is available from my website, and if you want to have a go at some Dermot activities they’re up on the community art page here on the Lindfield Art Studio site.  The sequel to Dermot will be out in time for Christmas and I should have something else coming out in between now and then. So if you want to keep up with what I’m up to feel free to follow me on Instagram! 

You can find my Instagram page HERE

and books are available on my website

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If you’re in Lindfield I can deliver books by (gloved) hand so please use code lpa2020 to avoid paying postage.

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